Daddy's Ohio Obit

elizabeth wrote the obituary, did not include Mother, Gail or myself. Only herself and Woody.

News Death Notice

KING, Clarence age 89, formerly of Pennington Gap, VA., died Aug. 1, 2010 in Dayton. He had worked many years for Edward Rose Construction in Beavercreek. He was also a farmer. He is survived by his daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and Woody Jones, West Alexandria, OH. Funeral services will be held later this week in Pennington Gap, VA. Lindloff-Zimmerman Funeral Home, West Alexandria, is in charge of local arrangements.


Contesting Mother's Will----- April 2010

In April of 2010 I attempted to contest Mother's will. Logic being that Mother had always wanted the assets of the marriage to be split equally between the children. 

In May, 2007 Judge McElyea's court stripped mother of all rights when she was placed in guardianship. In April 2007 elizabeth sit with Daddy and disinherited Mother and of course Barbara and I. The logic of elizabeth was that Mother was likely to pass away first and her will gave her half to Daddy. Once Mother died, her will passed to Daddy and elizabeth was set to take all of both. 

When we attempted to have Daddy's will thrown out because of Vascular Dementia we were told too bad, at any given point within 24 hours he could have had clarity of vision to change his will. 

Judge Cynthia Kinser, Adam Kinser's mother pinioned from the bench that intent of the will over shadowed the content. 

Judge McElyea said she didn't care about intent, but was Mother competent at the time of the will? Answer was yes. Please pay Mr. Kinser $450. and have a nice day. 

There was no way out. If she was competent at the time of the will, the will was solid. If she was incompetent at the time of the will it couldn't be successfully contested.


The Stalker


This was during a time that ekj was next door at Mom and Dad's, Daddy was in Ohio, presumably in a nursing home and ekj had the van down loading more of the contents of the house in it.

I woke up at 6AM, the house was dark, I headed for the kitchen for coffee when the motion detector lights in the back of the house lite up the backyard. I looked out the window and ekj was slowly walking the back perimeter of our yard, but on the farm pasture (no dog). The distance from the house is about 100 feet.

Several days later, neighbors Rick and Sheryl were over for a visit and I mentioned ekj setting off the motion detectors. Sheryl mentioned, in the past she has been up in the middle of  the night to let the dog out and seeing ekj, in the dark walking in the street between our houses.

A week, or so, later Tom and Misti were over and I mentioned the above incidents and Tom said, "I woke up earlier than normal the other day and at 3AM, headed out the door and saw her in the shadow of my headlights while leaving".