10.5.05 Barbara email/stroke

Am leaving Tuesday, 11th, for a visit with my parents.
They get worse by the minute.  Daddy showed up at my
brother's door last Thursday at 6:30 p.m., asking if
they knew where my mother was.  Dad had been visiting
her in the hospital and about noon said he wasn't
feeling well and went downstairs to see his Dr.  Dr
ran an EKG and pronounced my dad fine.  He was
actually in the process of having a stroke.  He
wandered around for hours trying to find his car, and
then more hours trying to find his way home.  The
hospital is 7 miles away.  He has no memory of that
day and several others surrounding.  When I say the
Dr's down there are beyond stupid, I am not
exaggerating.  If you ever wonder where the bottom 10
percent of the worst med graduating class is, just ask

Also have to bring back the dog they inherited from my
dad's sister last month.  She died just days short of
94.  They are in no way able to care for a dog.  Will
be gone Tuesday to Tuesday.