Mother's Will and Probate 1.20.09

Mother passed away at 2PM at my home, next door to where elizabeth and Daddy were in his house. EMS was called and they put Mother in the ambulance to take her to the hospital (no lights). elizabeth got into her car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. elizabeth showed up the next morning at 9:15 to file Mother's will and probate with Death Certificate at Lee County Courthouse.

Mother's will left everything to the surviving spouse, then to the 3 children. When elizabeth had Daddy changed his will leaving everything to her, this meant that when Mother died everything, except the property which was in a living trust, went to elizabeth. elizabeth apparently wanted it NOW!


1.16.09 ekj overview

 From: Wayne King
Date: Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 10:01 AM
Subject: Athelene King/Richie
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You ask me if there was anything else going on and I said no. Well, maybe. It's so ongoing that it all runs together. 

Within the last couple of weeks the health care company that provides visiting nurses to check on mother and also provides the ambulance service for mother canceled the contract with mother AND father because of the continued unrest caused by Elizabeth and they were concerned about the safety of their personnel. Mother was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and when she was being discharged Gail was informed that mother couldn't be released because there was no home health service for mother. Gail called me, I called Homehealth and was informed  the day they came to the house and realized mother was in distress (subsequently moved to the hospital) they informed Elizabeth they would no longer be under contract and the reason, but Elizabeth did not inform Gail, therefore leaving mother without home health care.

The bed location was to be determined by Joe Rasnic, and was ultimately decided by Dr. Litton and Joe to use the living room (see above link to pics). When Elizabeth arrived it was told to me that she was in a rage when she saw the room dividers (which were movable) were between mother and daddy's bed. In the house was mother, Charlsie, Angela (caregiver) and neighbor Misti McCowan. Angela called Gail and told her of the situation. Elizabeth left the house. Elizabeth returned after X time, grabbed a room dividers, shoved the divider around mother's bed and into the garage during this time is when, I believe, the altercation with Charlsie occurred. As she was moving the second divider Misti stopped Elizabeth and brought the second divider from the garage back in the bedroom. During this time Angela called Gail, Gail said to call the Sheriff. I believe the Sheriff told Elizabeth to leave the house. Elizabeth filed a charge against Misti for destruction of property claiming the floor was scratched. I saw the floor a couple of days later and saw no scratch. The floor was scuffed and I'm sure I did it some when I brought the dividers in, Elizabeth when she was shoving the dividers through the room and anyone else that touched the dividers.

Daddy a couple of years ago made a portable wooden wheelchair ramp for mother. I brought mothers portable ramps to my house because they were mothers and needed in my house because I have multiple levels. I took the wooden ramp of daddy and put it again the front door of their house for daddy to use. The next day Charlsie found the ramp  between the two rear wheels, at the bumper of the car she drives. 

This is living with Elizabeth. And the beat goes on.


1.9.09 Mother's hospital discharge

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Date: Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Re: Athelene King
To: Wayne King 

Could you get Richie to contact Adam? I would like to stay out of the house issue now that Athelene has been relocated. Let me know if there is anything else - 
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From: "Wayne King" 
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 09:29:37 -0500
To: <jrasnic@alltel.blackberry.com>; 
Subject: Athelene King

Good morning. Mother was discharged yesterday (not uneventful) and is getting settled in comfortably along with Remy and Charlsie at my house. Maybe it was the promise by Gail to bring a wine spritzer. It seems that when the home health care nurses showed up at mother's and ultimately recommended she go to the hospital, it was not a routine visit. The home health care providers were dispatched to cancel the contract for fear of their nurses due to Elizabeth calling the Sheriff's office 3 times for an officer and Elizabeth being charged with assault on Charlsie (witness by Angela). Unfortunately, only Elizabeth was informed of the cancellation, she didn't tell Gail, so when mother was due to check out of the hospital, the hospital they would not discharge her because she had no home health care provider, which also provided the ambulance. Needless to say, Gail started to scramble and ultimately secured another provider and was able to get her moved. 

While Elizabeth was gone and we have a key, I was able to get the lift chair, dividers, ramps, some linens and such from mother and dad's house yesterday. When I was there I saw a stack of medal flip loop type motel locks that Elizabeth apparent intends to install on all outside doors of the house. We would like to avoid the drama scene that Elizabeth wants to create and also avoid the door frames being damaged by the installation. I have a sawzall, so it's pretty easy to get in. There are going to be things that mother needs that are at their house and we aren't going to call Elizabeth to plead with her to let us in. If an email to Kinser for a couple of hours during the day that if we need something we can go into the house without being forced to call Elizabeth for permission it would take some drama away from her. If this is something better done by Rich, let me know. Thanks.