5.5.08c mother ekj falling, hospital, locked charlsie out of house

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I want something definitive regarding Judge Tammy"s ruling.  Wayne and I are tippy-toeing around and our sister is plowing through with a Mac Truck.
Word that she might loose guardianship of father due to bad behavior has not reached her.

Mother is on oxygen 24/7, plus has oxygen treatments every two hours.  Her lungs do not expel.  Two weeks ago Elizabeth wanted to take her out and park her under a pear tree in full bloom. While daddy mowed.  Do you have any idea what the pollen count is in the flats???  Under a blooming pear tree, surrounded by blooming dogwoods, etc.

Same visit, when the caregiver was in the bathtub, Elizabeth attempted to move mother, and dropped her.  She eventually had to have the caregiver get mother up...then drove off to Ohio.  I was there a couple of hours later and mother was extremely quiet, with her eyes closed.  The next day the caregiver told me what happened because mother had begun to moan and cry. I had her picked up via ambulance for x-rays.  She could not sit up at all.  The ambulance picked her up at 5 p.m. and she got home at 9:30.  No broken bones, but concussions around the hips and pelvic area.

And now Elizabeth has locked my mother's 83 year old sister out of the house.
And she's calling Dr. Litton, trying to take mother out for another ride!
The last "ride" just about killed my mother.  A three hour trip to get an ice cream!  That resulted in mother being diagnosed with "congestive heart failure".  Prior to that, a trip to Wal-Mart put mother on anti-biotics for 18 days.

What in God's name do we have to do with this situation???  I ask you.  Wayne and I both have consulted every last authority in Lee County and they all said "get your dad's guardianship'.  Well, that didn't work.

Please pursue what Judge Tammy had on her fluffy little brain.  I am willing to file for divorce on mother's behalf.  Or, something. This must end. I have had it.

Barbara Lochner, 

May 9,2008 Daddy's Condition

> From: Liz <lizkingjones@yahoo.com>
> Subject: My fathers health
> To:
> Cc: akinser@montgomerylaw.com, skwiselaw@hotmail.com
> Date: Friday, May 9, 2008, 2:49 PM
> Because my
> father has extremely high bloodpressure and CHF he is in
> danger of a stroke or heart attack if he is upset in any
> way. Because BOTH of my parents are important to me,
> Charlsie Stearly is not to come into this house or on
> the property, unless she has been invited.  I thought
> Officer Graham made that clear to her last Monday.
> I did give her a chance to visit Mother this morning
> while I was at the Cardiologist in Wise with Dad, but she
> declined.
> Wayne, I do not appreciate you putting Remy in a bad
> position this afternoon by sneaking Charlsie into the house
> while I was away.  She has been given instructions to
> call the Sheriff if Charlsie comes back to the house
> uninvited.
> If, I need to, I will seek a restraining order.

elizabeth, her attorney, C. Adam Kinser and Daddy's ad litem Gregory Edwards convinced the judge that Daddy's condition was serious enough that seeing Charlsie, Mother's sister could cause him to go into cardiac arrest.

Six months later elizabeth took Daddy to the intersection of our property, had our father put a cube (400) of bricks which had been there 4 yrs and move them 15 feet to my rear driveway.  Based on the above email, a reasonable person would conclude she tried to kill him.  Of course, again, after doing something resulting in them being put in the hospital, elizabeth would take off to Ohio, so if they died, she wouldn't be there, probably so she could blame it on a caregiver.  

In the middle of the picture is a vertical PVC post in the ground. This is where a cube of 400 brick were along with a cord of wood. elizabeth gave the wood away and she and daddy (on a walker) moved the bricks and dropped them in my rear driveway. Remy said Daddy fell 4 times. Daddy went to ER and then ICU.

In 2 days Daddy was in Intensive Care because of this.


Elder Abuse - Financial

Elder Abuse
Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D. Updated: Jul 7th 2007

 Financial exploitation is the fourth type of abuse and can occur at
the hands of family or strangers who learn how to prey upon what they
view as easy victims to be exploited. Ruthless and greedy family
members also prey upon their elderly parents and grandparents by
convincing them to turn over their money to them, ostensibly so that
they can oversee and protect the funds. Too often this becomes an
excuse to steal the funds for their own selfish purposes.


Ltr to Judge Quillen 4.20.09

Honorable Ford Quillen
c/o Scott County Clerk of Courts
104 E. Jackson St.
Suite 2
Gate City, Virginia

Date: April 20, 2009

To: Judge Ford Quillen

From: Larry Wayne King
Subject: Judicial Irregularities
              Guardianship Hearing of Clarence and Athelene King, Lee County, Virginia

I am no longer represented by the Sturgill & Kennedy Law Offices.

This is an attempt to ensure my representatives from the Sturgill & Kennedy Law Offices, during the time they represented my sister, Barbara Lochner, and myself, presented critical pieces of information to you regarding potential perjury charges against Tammy Williams and Elizabeth King-Jones during those behind the scene chamber meetings. The Tammy Williams perjury incident occurred in Judge Tammy S. McElyea's court.

In attempting to obtain guardianship of our mother, Athelene King, in May, 2007, Elizabeth King-Jones enlisted Tammy Williams to be guardian of Athelene King because Elizabeth King-Jones lived out-of-state. It was determined that the oldest sibling, Barbara Lochner, who was living in California, was moving to Lee County by July 1. Judge McElyea, during the interim six weeks, made Mrs. Williams co-guardian. During the hearing to have Barbara Lochner made Athelene King's guardian, Mrs. Williams stated, under oath, that she visited Mrs. King's house every other day for six weeks and during the off days, she called. Judge McElyea, based on Mrs. Williams testimony, had her continue as co-guardianship with Barbara Lochner. There were five witnesses who knew that was a lie. One or more of the witness's was around Mrs. King 24-hours a day during the entire six weeks. Mrs. Williams visited one time during the six weeks and that was to cut Mrs. King's hair.

On two separate occasions, Judge McElyeas's court made last minute changes that prevented perjury testimony against Tammy Williams. The first was when all witnesses were seated outside the courtroom waiting to testify. The second was at Kinser's Law Offices with all the same witnesses waiting to be deposed. Neither time were they given the opportunity to testify. When we asked Jeff Sturgill, our attorney, what happened during the time the witness were outside the court room and the attorneys went into chambers, we were told Judge McElyea said, “Well, mistakes were made” and “all that is behind us now”. Judge McElyea, was a friend/acquaintance of Tammy Williams. Still, this behavior by Judge McElyeas ultimately cost the family 10's of $1,000 in attorney fees having Elizabeth placed as guardian of daddy in the same house as mother. The end result was that two weeks before mother passed away, Joe Rasnic, mother's ad litem, called and said that Dr. Scott Litton and he wanted mother out of the house, away from Elizabeth, or they would put her in a nursing home. The hazardous situation, while created by Elizabeth's behavior, was exacerbated byfact that the home health care company canceled their contract because they felt that Elizabeth posed a threat to the personal safety of their workers. Mother passed away in my house. My father continues to live in his house where Elizabeth has moved in. I have no knowledge of what she is doing with or to my father, but I do know that she has not taken him back to the neurologist -even though she was told to come back in 6 months- since August, 2007.

It wasn't your court, so once this is off the docket, I will file a complaint with the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission and let them sort it out.

The following excerpts (copies of the full summaries are enclosed) are taken from medical summaries, by date, from my father's visits to his neurologists dating back to October, 2005. Also, shown below are 2 pages of a deposition of Elizabeth King-Jones where she stated that our father doesn't have Alzheimer's disease, which is in direct contradiction to his neurologists diagnosis. Needless to say, we believe Elizabeth's intent was to try and show our father was mentally capable of changing his will.

The following is a chronological time line of Clarence King's diagnoses of Alzheimer's:

October 6, 2005 – Original visit to Neurologist Daniel Garber, prompted by me calling Dr Molony, daddy's primary physician and reporting his multiple day disorientation . Referenced in Dr Garber's summary of April 4, 2006. (taken for testing by myself)

February, 2006 – Unknown to me (living next door to my parents) Elizabeth drove mother and daddy to George Cridlin and had daddy give her his sole POA and joint POA with me for mother.

April 4, 2006 - Visit summary of Clarence King by Daniel Garber, MD, Associated Neurologists of Kingsport, (referencing his original visit of October 6, 2005): progressive symptoms of mild vascular dementia and dementia of Alzheimer's for two to four years.
Dr Garber states, “I think that he will obviously have this condition for the rest of his life and it will continue to get worse.”

August 4, 2006 – Dr. Garber mentioned that his daughter (Elizabeth) is with him. Overall assessment of general medical condition, again diagnosing daddy's condition of “Dementia with components of senile dementia of Alzheimer's type and vascular. Multiple different issues concerning his dementia has been discussed.”

-Insert by lwk for informational purposes only-
The following is a description of Alzheimer's disease and a list of vascular dementia symptoms from the Alzheimer's Association web site:
A. Alzheimer's disease is a progressive and fatal brain disease.  Alzheimer's destroys brain cells, causing problems with memory, thinking and behavior severe enough to affect work, lifelong hobbies or social life. Alzheimer’s gets worse over time, and it is fatal. Today it is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States. 
B. Symptoms of vascular dementia:
  • Memory problems may or may not be a prominent symptom, depending on whether brain regions important in memory are affected.
  • Confusion, which may get worse at night.
  • Difficulty concentrating, planning, communicating and following instructions.
  • Reduced ability to carry out daily activities.
  • Physical symptoms associated with strokes, such as sudden weakness, difficulty speaking or confusion.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain may show characteristic abnormalities associated with vascular damage.

April, 2007 – Give or take 30 days, Elizabeth drove daddy to George Cridlin's office, stayed with him in the office and had daddy disinherit mother, Gail and myself and make her his sole heir.

May 28, 2007 – Kristie Nies, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, specializing in mental health, performed a neuropsych evaluation and she felt that daddy was “at increased accidental self injury and victimization secondary to cognitive dysfunction and recommended continuous provision and assistance.” (included in Dr. C.A. Pendola's summary of August 31, 2007)

August 31, 2007 – Visit summary by C. A. Pendola, M.D., Neurologist. Recapping Dr. Nies of May 28, 2007 confirming the report, that includes, “The daughter states that she is well aware of her recommendation. I once again review these with Mr. King and his daughter.”
Dr. Pendola's impressions include “Chronic dementia likely mixed with a combination of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia disease”.
In #4, Dr. Pendola asked for daddy to come back in six months. Needless to say, Elizabeth never took daddy back.

I verbally verified with the offices of Neurologists of Kingsport and Dr. Nies's office that copies of all summaries were sent to Dr. Molony's office.

December 3, 2007 – Deposition of Elizabeth King-Jones taken on December 3, 2007 in Jonesville, Virginia at Montgomery Kinser law offices. Exerts of Pages 12 & 13:

Have you noticed any difference in your dad's condition in between those interval?
Well I, Ive noticed he's more frail than he was.
Anything else?
His blood pressure is worse. He's had, well he was having some chest pains and I took him to a cardiologist when I was here in November.

Anything else?
I'm not sure.

Okay. As far as cognitive abilities have you noticed anything there?
  Other than his memory, no, he does have a poor memory.

Have you talked to his doctors about it?
Yes, I have.

Do you understand what his diagnosis is?
Yes, I do.

What do you understand it to be?
Well, I was told by the girl that did his neuropsychiatric test two years ago, she told us that he had some dementia but she reversed that diagnosis because he actually, he had another
neuropsychiatric test in May and his condition has improved. He has improved and with dementia you don't improve.
I was also told that he does not have Alzheimer's. Now he has some symptoms of each one of those things but she said this last time that what he seemed to have was bilateral brain dysfunction which basically affects the memory.

And who ------
So he does have a poor memory.

Who is the she, who told you this?
Christy Nies.

From Kingsport.

You understand her to be in a neurology office?

Since the above responses, under oath, seems to far exceed the judicial standard of “preponderance of evidence”, I would like for you to consider perjury charges against Elizabeth King-Jones.

I began this entire process May 14, 2007, with my visit to the Lee County Health and Human Services when Barbara and I were worried that Elizabeth was abusing our father. I was advised by Pamela Farr to file for guardianship, which we did. Because of the ensuing perjury
which the evidence here sets forth, my father has remained in this perilously situation and we have been helpless to remedy it. Perhaps if this issue were properly addressed our father's care would not be compromised.

Tammy Williams

Tammy Williams - Married to our 2nd cousin, daughter-in-law to Gary and Joyce Williams. Tammy worked in the Business Development Office in the Lee County Courthouse, prior beautician and  appears to have a friendly relationship with attorneys and judges in the courthouse, both for working at the courthouse and “doing hair”. . Elizabeth King-Jones -because she lived out-of-state- had Tammy Williams to co-guardianship our Father, Clarence King and, for a temporary period of time, for Mother. Five people were willing to testify that Tammy Williams committed perjury on her testimony, a story that will be added later.  She was daddy’s co-guardian when Elizabeth King-Jones emptied out mother and daddy’s savings, leaving mother penniless.

May 7, 2010

Martin P. Votel, Prosecuting Attorney
101 E. Main St.
Courthouse, First Floor
Eaton, OH 45320

Dear Mr. Votel,

My sister, Barbara Lochner and I are asking for assistance in determining that our father is not being physically or financially abused by Elizabeth King-Jones, our sister who has our father's POA. They are both residing in Preble County, Ohio, she at 8213 US Route 35E, West Alexandria, Ohio 45381 and we are unsure of his physical location within the county.

Our parents are/was Clarence and Athelene King (decreased January 20, 2009). Our father has vascular dementia and Alzheimer's, mother eventually died of a stroke brought on by her primary symptoms of Cortical Basal Ganglionic Degeneration (CBGD).

Elizabeth King-Jones has a history of aggressive behavior and abuse against our parents. The abuse is a combination of physical, mental and financial. This is meant as an overview of EKJ's behavior regarding our parents, culminating in mother's ad litem, based on her doctor's recommendation, contacting me to remove mother from the house she was sharing with our father and EKJ (next door) because of EKJ's threating behavior. To support this, the following is a chronological order of events including non-family third parties that can collaborate the below.

1. October, 2005 our father, Clarence King was determined to have vascular dementia. Appendix A for Dr. Summaries.

2. February, 2006 Elizabeth King-Jones drove from West Alexandria, OH, to Pennington Gap, VA and without my knowledge while living next door, took our parents to have a sole POA for our father and a co-POA with me for our mother. Appendix B is a copy of my POA for our now deceased mother (January 20, 2009).

3. May, 2007 I visited the Lee County Health and Human Services Dept in Jonesville, VA and spoke with Pamela Farr regarding my suspicion that our sister, Elizabeth King-Jones was manipulating our father. Ms. Farr responded that the only way we could control this was to gain guardianship of our father.

4. We went to court in May, 2007, when EKJ filed for guardianship and conservatorship of our mother. During that court hearing (where Elizabeth King-Jones-a resident of Ohio at the time and herself ineligible to be appointed) used a cousin as the co-guardian. Under questioning from our attorney, Elizabeth King-Jones told the court that she had our father change his will within the last 30 days to make her the sole heir, disinheriting his wife of 65+yrs and the two other children, Barbara and myself. Tammy Williams (the cousin) was appointed guardian until we could bring it back to the court a few weeks later when Barbara moved nearby from California and was made conservator and co-guardian of our mother. Appendix C and C.1 is a copy of EKJ's deposition taken in December, 2007 regarding changing the will and his mental health.

5. September, 2007: Elizabeth King-Jones, for the next 5 months, collected a total of $14,000. from our father's long-term health insurance company-money paid to provide daily health care for him-which she kept.  Therefore, Barbara and I had to pay the workers -part out of our mother's checking account and part out of our personal bank accounts -current investigation by your office.

6. October, 2007: With the only car in mother's name, Barbara was able stop our father from driving because of his deteriorating condition. Elizabeth King-Jones, within 2 weeks, purchased a van with our father's money, brought it down from Ohio, and within 24 hours after being given the van he drove it through the back of the garage, a room on the back of the house, and the outside deck. He came within a foot of running over a caregiver and with inches of a tree. The neighbor who heard the commotion ran over and pulled him out of the moving van as it was going in circles in a pasture (his foot was frozen to the gas pedal). Appendix D is a picture of the aftermath.

7. October, 2007: Elizabeth King-Jones, Tammy Williams and Clarence King removed $66,000 of mother's money that was co-owned by our father, but under court oversight and opened new accounts without mother's name, thereby stripping mother of all financial assets. It took a judge's demand to her attorney to have it returned 2 months later. Appendix E email of attorney correspondence.

8. November, 2007: Elizabeth King-Jones with a duplicate set of car keys, left the parents house at 12:00AM and went next door to our property where my mother's car was being kept. She rolled the car into the middle of the road to attempt to make mother's sister(whom she would not allow to enter the house to visit my mother) think she did it accidentally. Our father admitted this to Angela Petry (276-, Pennington Gap, VA, the caregiver, and the neighbor, Misti McCowan, (276  Pennington Gap, VA 24277, that saw EKJ leave the house. There were two teenage drivers on the downside of the car position in the road who could have hit the car in the dark (no street lights, crest of a hill, high speed area). Appendix F, is a picture of the car in the road.

(see car picture on post date of 09.09.09)

9. December, 2007: Elizabeth King-Jones, without guardian's approval, removed mother from the house on a 3-hour car ride, in the winter, knowing that her diagnosis and condition was so fragile that it would be very dangerous. It was just one of a list of EKJ efforts to harm our mother. EKJ left town the next day prior to mother going to the hospital. Appendix G is Barbara's email to our attorney.

10. May, 2008 Elizabeth King-Jones, as father's POA, sent Barbara and me an email saying that father had extremely high blood pressure and congestive heart failure and could not be put under any stress, therefore, mother's 83 year old sister, and a retired RN, could not come on the property because it upset my father. Said if my aunt came on the property that she would call the sheriff. See attached. In December, 2008, 7 months after receiving the aforementioned email, EKJ took our father, on a walker, and between the two of them threw 400 bricks, which had been there 5 years, approximately 10 feet into my rear driveway because EKJ said it was on "her" property.The property is joint owned by Barbara, EKJ and myself Dad has a life estate. Within several days my father was in the Intensive Care Uniy of Lee Regional Hospital.

(see the picture on 09/09/09 post)

My aunt did go over to see her sister. My father, well into Alzheimers now and egged on by EKJ's constant programming, grabbed my aunt and threw her to the floor in front of our mother. EKJ had the sheriff come and throw her off the property. The picture of the assault was taken at the sheriff's office. (see picture Appendix H and I)

11. December, 2008 - Independent Home Healthcare, Main St., Jonesville, VA, 276-346-4420 cancelled their contract because the health aides assigned to help mother refused to go the the house because they were afraid for their safety due to EKJ's threating behavior.

12. January, 2009 - I received a call from Joe Rasnic, Main St., Jonesville, VA, 276-346-4288, mother's court-appointed ad litem, saying he had talked to Dr. Scott Litton (mother's doctor) and they wanted mother removed immediately from the house because of ekj's threating behavior or they were going to place her in a nursing home. I moved mother and caregivers to our house next door. My mother passed away there 3 weeks later.

June, 2009 - EKJ moved our father to Ohio. We found where he was in a nursing home and checked on him by phone regularly until he was moved. A worker on the phone commented that they didn't think he had any relatives as no one comes to see him. Now, we do not know where he is or what is happening. Based on EKJ's past behavior, we fear for his safety and the misuse of any remaining funds to provide for his continued care (she is sole heir).

In elizabeth's continued effort to get Mother's guardianship, this time C. Adam Kinser, elizabeth, Tammy Williams and Joyce Williams show up in court to confirm that Mother and Daddy, both with progressive diseases have deterioration over the last year and half, AND it was caused by our lack of care with Mother. This is the same place Dr. Scott Litton, Mother's doctor, said, "if I ever get sick, I'm coming here".

Judge Quillen sent Tammy and Joyce Williams out of the room when it was quickly determined Mother wasn't neglected.That just extended Mother's life.

barbara lochner <


Three extremely obese women from family svcs showed up at my apartment, approx 2:30 p.m. yesterday.  There had been no prev calls, anything.

Only one of them talked.  She only had two questions;  one re daddy hitting and knocking down Charlsie last year, and the other re my refusal to let Eliz take mother joy-riding to her death in that stupid van that dad wrecked.

They seemed shocked re other info I was only too happy to give them...my father leaving everything to Eliz in his new will, taking of the insurance money, etc. I told them that as far as I knew, the judge knew nothing about any of this as she refused to hear our case and decided the whole thing in the back room with our lawyers.  This is unbelievable to them. I told them I could give them copies of Eliz statements in her deposition - and I had these copies at the ready -  30 seconds away - but they didn't want to get that involved.

They said (judge) Tammi wanted their report Tuesday A.M.

No one has contacted Wayne re anything so he is back in Georgia.

Barbara Lochner,