May 9,2008 Daddy's Condition

> From: Liz <lizkingjones@yahoo.com>
> Subject: My fathers health
> To:
> Cc: akinser@montgomerylaw.com, skwiselaw@hotmail.com
> Date: Friday, May 9, 2008, 2:49 PM
> Because my
> father has extremely high bloodpressure and CHF he is in
> danger of a stroke or heart attack if he is upset in any
> way. Because BOTH of my parents are important to me,
> Charlsie Stearly is not to come into this house or on
> the property, unless she has been invited.  I thought
> Officer Graham made that clear to her last Monday.
> I did give her a chance to visit Mother this morning
> while I was at the Cardiologist in Wise with Dad, but she
> declined.
> Wayne, I do not appreciate you putting Remy in a bad
> position this afternoon by sneaking Charlsie into the house
> while I was away.  She has been given instructions to
> call the Sheriff if Charlsie comes back to the house
> uninvited.
> If, I need to, I will seek a restraining order.

elizabeth, her attorney, C. Adam Kinser and Daddy's ad litem Gregory Edwards convinced the judge that Daddy's condition was serious enough that seeing Charlsie, Mother's sister could cause him to go into cardiac arrest.

Six months later elizabeth took Daddy to the intersection of our property, had our father put a cube (400) of bricks which had been there 4 yrs and move them 15 feet to my rear driveway.  Based on the above email, a reasonable person would conclude she tried to kill him.  Of course, again, after doing something resulting in them being put in the hospital, elizabeth would take off to Ohio, so if they died, she wouldn't be there, probably so she could blame it on a caregiver.  

In the middle of the picture is a vertical PVC post in the ground. This is where a cube of 400 brick were along with a cord of wood. elizabeth gave the wood away and she and daddy (on a walker) moved the bricks and dropped them in my rear driveway. Remy said Daddy fell 4 times. Daddy went to ER and then ICU.

In 2 days Daddy was in Intensive Care because of this.