5.5.08c mother ekj falling, hospital, locked charlsie out of house

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barbara lochner  
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I want something definitive regarding Judge Tammy"s ruling.  Wayne and I are tippy-toeing around and our sister is plowing through with a Mac Truck.
Word that she might loose guardianship of father due to bad behavior has not reached her.

Mother is on oxygen 24/7, plus has oxygen treatments every two hours.  Her lungs do not expel.  Two weeks ago Elizabeth wanted to take her out and park her under a pear tree in full bloom. While daddy mowed.  Do you have any idea what the pollen count is in the flats???  Under a blooming pear tree, surrounded by blooming dogwoods, etc.

Same visit, when the caregiver was in the bathtub, Elizabeth attempted to move mother, and dropped her.  She eventually had to have the caregiver get mother up...then drove off to Ohio.  I was there a couple of hours later and mother was extremely quiet, with her eyes closed.  The next day the caregiver told me what happened because mother had begun to moan and cry. I had her picked up via ambulance for x-rays.  She could not sit up at all.  The ambulance picked her up at 5 p.m. and she got home at 9:30.  No broken bones, but concussions around the hips and pelvic area.

And now Elizabeth has locked my mother's 83 year old sister out of the house.
And she's calling Dr. Litton, trying to take mother out for another ride!
The last "ride" just about killed my mother.  A three hour trip to get an ice cream!  That resulted in mother being diagnosed with "congestive heart failure".  Prior to that, a trip to Wal-Mart put mother on anti-biotics for 18 days.

What in God's name do we have to do with this situation???  I ask you.  Wayne and I both have consulted every last authority in Lee County and they all said "get your dad's guardianship'.  Well, that didn't work.

Please pursue what Judge Tammy had on her fluffy little brain.  I am willing to file for divorce on mother's behalf.  Or, something. This must end. I have had it.

Barbara Lochner,