12.1.05 Shee's update

 Thu, 12/1/05, Sheila King
From: Sheila King <
Subject: Re: Update
To: "Gail" , "Liz" <lizkingjones@yahoo.com>
Date: Thursday, December 1, 2005, 1:42 PM

Hi Sibs,
 Wayne and I are going off for a few days.  We will be leaving Saturday and return in about10 or 11 days.  Steve came today and took Bobbin to his stable.  There is never a good time to get away, but this is especially not a good time.  Popa is, as your Mom says, "losing it."  Last night he couldn't remember if he had fed the cows and chickens.  He was just out there somewhere.  She said he made no sense at all.  He was confused all day yesterday and willingly said so.  Today when we went over early, he told us he was confused.  Then he looked at me and asked, "How long have I been confused?"  I told him just a couple of days.  He was staring into the oven trying to process that he needed a pan to fix oatmeal. 
Remie was putting out the garbage yesterday and noticed a pair of pants in the garbage.  She pulled them out and they were a pair of Popa's nice jeans.  She brought them in and asked if he wanted her to toss them in the washer.  He said yes.  Guess he had mistaken the garbage can for the washer.  She is so wonderful with them both.
You mom was supposed to have gone to a breakfast this morning but didn't when she saw how confused your dad was.  As of yesterday, Popa was still considering cancelling his appointment for the psychological evaluation in Kingsport on Dec. 20.  I don't think he even remembers it today.  He keeps saying that he feels funny...dizzylike. 
If you talk to them, please don't mention that I told you any of this.  We just want you to stay informed.  Love you both and hope you are well.  Shee