6.17.03 Barbara email to friend

From: barbara lochner <
Sent: Tue, June 17, 2003 8:34:40 PM
Subject: catch up

My parents are not good.  83 & 84 years old.  Still
independent but not very.  Wayne, my brother, is
building a house next to them and gets an emergency
call about once a day.  He is loosing his sense of
humor.  My dad runs the tractor into the fence, my
mother falls down and has to go to emergency, my dad
falls off the tractor, my mother runs the car into a
building, my dad blindly punches the buttons on the
remote and wipes out the tv, my mother looses the
phone, starts a fire in the micro and locks herself
out of the house.  The biggest health worry is that my
dad has colorectal problems and will not go in for a
test.  Will not.  Has a million reasons why he puts it
off and mother continues to claim she has no control
over him..never has had. Daddy's father acted the same
way with prostate cancer.  Only went to see the Dr
when he could no longer stand the pain. By that time,
of course, too bad.  One could make the case that he
was 84, but still.  I have lost two friends (54 &
76)to colorectal cancer in the past two years and know
more about it than I care to. It is essentially
painless until it is too late. 

More later.