6.15.03 Barbara email to son

From: barbara lochner <
Sent: Sun, June 15, 2003 7:44:14 PM
Subject: daddy's health

This whole subject of daddy's health has become
impossible to follow.  Mother is now saying that daddy
does not actually have an appointment for the
colonoscopy, but an appointment with a Dr who may
recommend that he have the cs.  All previous
discussions re procedures, etc., re this test have
evaporated into thin air. All previous appointments,
missed and otherwise, have slipped off the page. 
Wayne is on the scene and having a hard time pinning
both mom & dad down. I think he thinks this is a setup
for yet another skipped trip to the Dr...  
Maybe you can get to the bottom of it when you are
there.  Wayne & Sheila are busily painting and
cleaning up the little house for you.  
I have been quite sick since returning from Va.  In
bed several days with the flu..12 days later, still
not right.  Think this same thing happened on my
return from Mexico.  Could be a coincidence...or the
air quality on the planes these days.  
Hope all is well with you guys & you are enjoying your
summer.  Love, mom