5.29.03 Barbara email to son

From: barbara lochner
Sent: Thu, May 29, 2003 5:38:24 PM
Subject: Popa

I need to tell you that my dad has (probably) all the
symptoms of colorectal cancer.  I found out that the
Dr ordered a colonoscopy a long time ago..maybe a
year.  Daddy decided his symptoms were caused by
Metamusel so he canceled his test.  In the meantime,
his bowel problem has become quite severe.  I am
gathering it's now a daily problem & embarrassment. 
He now has a new appointment for a colonoscopy. It's
scheduled for sometime after the hay gets baled..late
June. His weight loss, extreme fatigue, etc. are other
symptoms.  He has no pain, which is also common with
colorectal cancer.  No pain. C-r cancer is the #2
cancer killer in people over 55.  I have had two
friends die of c-r cancer in the past two years. (Ages
54 & 76.) Neither one had any idea there was anything
wrong until the last three months of their lives. 
Then, of course, there is nothing to be done. 
It's  possible there is some other cause...irritable
bowel syndrome, etc., but from what I can gather,
these other things strike much earlier in life.  One
doesn't suddenly at the age of 83 get IBS. 
At any rate, it is a huge worry.  I am glad you have
planned the July 4 trip.  Do everything you can to
follow thru.
Love, mom