5.26.03 Barbara email to friend

From: barbara lochner
Sent: Mon, May 26, 2003 4:38:18 PM
Subject: It's me

It's me, little miss sunshine.  I'm beginning to think
my dad has colorectal cancer.  It has come to light
that he has been having - without warning - rectal
'explosions' over the past six months..maybe longer. 
It's been revealed that Dr scheduled a colonostomy
quite a while back but daddy began to feel better and
cancelled the appointment.  Symptoms have become so
severe that another appointment is scheduled and he
claims he will show up for it...tho not go under as he
wants to know what's going on.  I have advised him to
go under. He is also exhausted all the time, can
barely stay awake yet claims he is sleepless every
night - for reasons I can not ascertain, and has lost
weight.  He is 83.  I am going back there this coming
Friday.  I fear the worst.