11.26.03 Barbara email to friend

From: barbara lochner >
Sent: Wed, November 26, 2003 7:21:26 PM
Subject: windows 98???

The voice has come down from on high.  Dr. in Dayton
that we all like says mother has severe arthritis and
severe nerve damage in the lower spine..miracle there
is no pain involved.  Too old to atempt surgery. Plus
the neuropathy in the legs, of course.  No turning to
the left or right.  No reaching up or down.  If she
concentrates on a low center of gravity, she can walk
from here to there without pitching over.  Reality is,
she needs to start using a walker but mentally may not
be there yet.  Therapy and exercise will hopefully
keep up the muscle strength. Nothing else to do...
Good news is that vital organs are okay and she has no
brain disease...MS or Parkinsons. 
She had eye surgery this last year so can see better
than ever.