10.1.04 Mother's checking account

Signing Mother's checks.

Mother and Daddy had separate checking accounts. Mother worked all of her married life and retired as a government employee from the accounting division of Defense Electronic Supply Center in Ohio. Mother's retirement income was greater than Daddy's income. One of the few times that Mother absolutely put her foot down was when she started her own checking account while Daddy had his own checking account and this started when she moved to Virginia. Each had household payment responsibilities.

Mother's illness progressed to the point where she could no long sign her name because of the tremors. Mother ask me if I would sign her checks. I said OK, but I would let the siblings know. I talked to Gail and ekj, explained that mom wanted wanted me to sign her checks and did they have a problem with it and the answer was no from both. I track my personal account via on-line and put all transactions in quicken pro-books so I naturally did that with mother's account.

The monthly bank statements were sent to Mom and Dad's house and after, I assume Dad, opened the statements, they were give to me for balancing.

I told both siblings that I would send both monthly reports and gave both the username and password for
the on-line account. Both declined the reports. ekj ultimately used the username and password to block my access to the account.

My only instructions were to keep Daddy from knowing what she spent money on. Mother gave money to the church which Daddy didn't like, nor did he like most of her other purchases.