9.22.04 Barbara re food prep

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To: Sheila King
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Sent: Wed, September 22, 2004 2:22:55 PM
Subject: food

I talked to mother at length re their schedule and
think the best thing they can do is eat their major
meal mid-day when Theresa can prepare it, pack up the
leftovers, and put the dishes in the dishwasher on the
way out.  This way the food is fresh, will taste best,
and has maximum nutrition.  It will be at least one
hot meal per day. It also keeps mom and dad away from
the stove, boiling water, heavy pots, etc. as much as
possible.  Also cuts down on the possibility of food
going bad. Also doesn't require all that space in the
refrigerator. They can have left-overs, sandwiches,
and/or easy to prepare other foods at night. Or, if
you are there and making something they like for
dinner, you can share. 
Having the main meal at mid-day is not unheard of and
anti-Christ.  Half the world eats this way. The
mid-day meal is called dinner and the evening meal is
called supper.  Daddy grew up eating this way. 
Grandma King did not - repeat - did not fire up the
stove at night. They ate what was in the warming oven
or sitting out from dinner (lunch). 
Mother seems to think she can try this.  Daddy should
be okay with this if he's reminded that this is how
farmers schedule their meals...and how his own mother
This simple change is the best thing they can do for
themselves by far. 
The only downside is that this will take away from
Teresa's cleaning time, but Rita can come more
also not unheard of and anti-Christ.
I am making a list of all the foods I remember daddy
eating...easy to prepare foods they will eat that
Teresa can cook, suggested menu combinations, etc.  
I am also making copies of easy to prepare recipes
with a few simple ingredients.
I will get these to you as I finish them.