10.25.08 Money due to Bishop

From: barbara lochner <
Subject: monies due Athelene King
To: kkbishop2002@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008, 8:22 AM

Hi, Karen.

Bear with me as I try to round up all the monies owed to mother by her daughter, my sister, Liz King Jones and/or father.

Sister has almost always had an on-going loan.  Last was approx $35,000 from 2002/03.  This was to buy the Lexus wagon she is now driving.  This might have included money still owed from previous loan for husband Woody's Toyota truck. Her monthly payments were $539, per 12/03/07 depo.

April 14, 2007 she e-mailed that she still owed approx $7,000 and had one year left to pay.  Same e-mail, she said daughter Angie owed $4,500. Based on check copies supplied by Angie, she still owes $7,600.  I think sister also understated what's due. Question is, how much does she really owe.

Parents had two joint checking accounts when I arrived here in June, 2007.
From June until they were closed - Oct., approx end of year - I never saw a payment given to parents or deposited into either account.

In the 12/03/07 depo she said she bought a van for $10,000 (I've also heard $11,000) in Oct. with a home equity loan and is paying herself back with the $539 per month.  This van was to be used to drive parents around.  This purchase was not discussed with me - mother's conservator and co-guardian - and I certainly would not have agreed to it. Mother's dr ordered that she was not to be taken out of the house without his permission. If father authorized it, he can pay for it.  Sister and husband are on title.

New subject:  rent.  A small house on the property is rented at $250 per month.  Father/sister receives this 1st of each month.  I think mother is entitled to half, starting with my conservatorship 7/07.

New subject: digital right of way installed on property.  Father/sister received $1,000 or more since 7/07.  Mother is entitled to half.

New subject: cargo trailer.  Sister took this to Ohio to sell.  Brother Wayne thinks it is worth $500/600.  Where's mother's share?

New subject:  safe deposit box.  Sister emptied this out and closed it out.  What was in it?  Anything of value? Bonds?  Mother has bought bonds in the past. We have a right to know.

New subject:  2006 and 2007 income tax returns.  Sister took it upon herself to file these returns.  Wayne and I have asked for but not received copies of 2006 tax return. Lyndon Livesay, CPA, Pennington Gap, filed parents' taxes for 20+ years.  I took mother's 2007 paperwork to Livesay's office, with word to sister that I did not - did not - want her to file mother's 2007 taxes.  Apparently, however, she did anyway. Who signed for mother???  We need to see what she did.

Added to the money taken directly from Lee Bank & New People's Bank, the money received from the insurance co but not paid to the caregivers, the money from lumber, the money owed by daughter Angie, etc., I think this might be it.

I have about 2 lbs of bank records that were subpoenaed by Sturgill & Kennedy. Want them?  I can supply copies of e-mails referenced, depo's, etc.  Let me know what you need.