8.30.08 Health and Human Services

In elizabeth's continued effort to get Mother's guardianship, this time C. Adam Kinser, elizabeth, Tammy Williams and Joyce Williams show up in court to confirm that Mother and Daddy, both with progressive diseases have deterioration over the last year and half, AND it was caused by our lack of care with Mother. This is the same place Dr. Scott Litton, Mother's doctor, said, "if I ever get sick, I'm coming here".

Judge Quillen sent Tammy and Joyce Williams out of the room when it was quickly determined Mother wasn't neglected.That just extended Mother's life.

barbara lochner <


Three extremely obese women from family svcs showed up at my apartment, approx 2:30 p.m. yesterday.  There had been no prev calls, anything.

Only one of them talked.  She only had two questions;  one re daddy hitting and knocking down Charlsie last year, and the other re my refusal to let Eliz take mother joy-riding to her death in that stupid van that dad wrecked.

They seemed shocked re other info I was only too happy to give them...my father leaving everything to Eliz in his new will, taking of the insurance money, etc. I told them that as far as I knew, the judge knew nothing about any of this as she refused to hear our case and decided the whole thing in the back room with our lawyers.  This is unbelievable to them. I told them I could give them copies of Eliz statements in her deposition - and I had these copies at the ready -  30 seconds away - but they didn't want to get that involved.

They said (judge) Tammi wanted their report Tuesday A.M.

No one has contacted Wayne re anything so he is back in Georgia.

Barbara Lochner,