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On behalf of mother's interest, I want to sue Elizabeth for the unsecured loans made by mom & dad to Eliz/husband/daughter.  The total is about $55,000.  What has been repaid, when, is - at best - unclear.  Earlier this year, in an e-mail to me, she admitted to owing approx $11,000.  I have seen no evidence that she has paid anything since.  In fact, during her deposition she stated that she had been using the payment amount to pay for the newly purchased & wrecked van that is in her/husband's name.

As a point of interest, Elizabeth did not include any accounts receivable (debts owed) in the petition for mother's conserv/guardianship.

Is this something Will should handle?  Wayne has an appt this Thursday.  I could tag along, or make my own appointment.

Let me know.  Thanks.

Barbara Lochner, 2