12.14.08 ekj threating Charlsie

barbara lochne>   

I am picking up Charlsie @ TriCity late this afternoon and taking her to Wayne's house.  As you may remember, Charlsie is a nurse and spent much of her career handling special cases at Yale Hospital.  She is 83 with a pacemaker but she's still pretty sharp and obviously has a special interest in mother's care.

Mother is still in ICU.  Her oxygen/blood level is critical and it drops. Today, it was 92/93.  That's low, according to Charlsie.  Yesterday, it got up to 97, which is good.  However, mother can not sustain that level without a full blown oxygen mask...which they put on, take off, put on, take off. Hopefully, mother will stabilize and come home in a few days.  Charlsie can be at home with mother and help Remy, mother's caregiver.

The problem, as ever, is sister Elizabeth.  She's camped out in parents' house and has told mother that when Charlsie comes into that house she will quote/unquote "have to deal with me".

There must be something you can do to insure safe passage to Charlsie so she can be with mother and help with her care.  What would that be?

Barbara Lochner,