Elizabeth lives in Preble County in Ohio.  Barbara would fly into
Cincinnatti a couple of times each year and Elizabeth would pick her
up at the airport.  The two of them would drive to Pennington Gap to
visit mother and daddy.  On one of those visits, Barbara asked
Elizabeth why her husband never went to the farm to visit our parents.
 According to Elizabeth, her husband, Woody, could not bear to see how
daddy bullied and demeaned mother, so he never went to their house.
Elizabeth said that when the time came, she would probably take daddy
to Ohio to live with her and Woody.  Barbara asked her how she could
do that when Woody hated daddy.  She replied, “Woody will do what I
tell him.  After all, he knows what I choose to tell him.”  Also, when it was 
brought up that Woody might have to tolerate dad, elizabeth said,
 "Woody will just have to put his big boy pants on.". Sure
enough, just a few months after mother died, Elizabeth took daddy to
Ohio.  Over the next year, she and Woody came several times and
emptied out the house of all furniture, dishes, bedding, pictures, and
anything of value.  They also took everything of value in the barn,
including daddy's tractor and farm implements, lawn mower, tiller,
mother's car, their rv, and a small utility trailer.  What they left
was a basement filled with trash.

Elizabeth had the electricity turned off in the house when she moved
daddy and the basement is now filled with mold.  This turned off the
dehumidifier and the basement, most of which is underground, wicked up
the moisture.  ServPro estimates that it will take over $14,000 to
repair the damage the mold has caused.  We are currently dealing with
attorneys to get this taken care of since Elizabeth refuses to allow
any of daddy's money to be used to pay to have it fixed, even though
it was his responsibility as a life estate holder to keep the property
in repair.  (Note: As stated in other parts of this blog, Elizabeth
took our father to the attorney 4 years after she knew had had mental
issues and 2 years after he had been diagnosed with vascular dementia
and Alzheimer's and had him disown our mother and his other 2 children
and leave everything to Elizabeth.)
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