Barbara's Overview 10.10

From June, 2007 when Barbara Lochner was appointed as conservator for her mother, Athelene King, until September, 2008 when Ms Lochner was relieved of those duties in favor of attorney Karen Bishop, there has been one and only one persistent threat to the conservatorship, health, well being, and estate of Athelene King. That is the ongoing actions of Elizabeth King Jones.

Ms. Lochner has brought these actions of Ms. King Jones before the court of both Judge McElyea and Judge Quillen in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In June, 2007, in Judge McElyea's court, and under questioning by Tom Rasnick, attorney for Ms. Lochner, Elizabeth King Jones stated that she had taken her father, Clarence King, into the office of George Cridlin, and had her father change his will to leave her everything. She was present the entire time. This information was later repeated in a deposition. Mr. King had been diagnosed with vascular dementia Oct. 05, and was on medication for Alzheimer's. This act disinherited his wife, Athelene, whom he had been married to for sixty-five year. The will did not mention wife Athelene but did mention he had two additional children he was leaving out of the will.

October, 2007, Elizabeth King Jones took Clarence King, her (demented) father and husband of Athelene King, into New Peoples' Bank and Lee Bank and closed out all accounts in the name of Athelene King. Mrs. Athelene King became virtually penniless overnight. In January, 2008, in an accounting turned into Judge McElyea by Ms. Lochner, Mrs. King has less than $400.

Judge McElyea eventually ordered Ms. King Jones to return the money in New Peoples' Bank belonging to Mrs. King. The money in Lee Bank was not ordered returned. This "shorted" Mrs. King's stated conservatorship $75,000 by approximately $8,000.

It was eventually made known that Clarence King had given Power of Attorney to Ms. King Jones in February, 06, also in the office of George Cridlin. Again, Mr. King had been diagnosed with vascular dementia October, 05, and was on Alzheimer's medication.

October, 07 to Febuary, 08 Ms. King Jones turned caregiver claims for Clarence King into the long-term insurance company, received reimbursement checks of approximately $14,000, and she kept the money. As these were 24 hr/day caregivers, Athelene King had to pay for Clarence's care as well as her own from her own funds. Son Larry Wayne King filed against Ms. King Jones in Small Claims Court, Jonesville, Va. Adam Kinser, attorney for Ms. King Jones, announced later in Judge Quillen's court that this matter had been settled outside court. It was never paid.

Concurrently, Larry Wayne King filed against Ms. King Jones' /daughter Angie Brewster, for an outstanding unpaid student loan of $7,600. Mr. Kinser announced in court that this had also been settled outside court. It was never paid.

October, 07, Ms. King Jones bought a van for $10,000 and decided to pay for it by stopping payments on outstanding loans to her parents, Clarence and Athelene King. This van was registered in the name of Ms. King Jones and her husband Woodroe. The outstanding loans owed to her parents were for the purchase of a new Lexus SUV and Toyota Truck. The payments were stated to be in the amount of $539 per month but Ms. Lochner could not find any bank records acknowledging any payments of this - or any other amount - from Ms. King Jones. There is no proof available that Ms. King Jones made any payments for these vehicles, totalling $80,000+, at any time. This was brought up in the court of Judge Quillen.

It was further brought up in the court of Judge Quillen that Clarence King owed Athelene $1,000 for 1/2 sale of lumber, 1/2 of $250 per month rent on property, 1/2 of $1,000 fee for digital right of way across property.  It was further brought up in the court of Judge Quillen that Ms. King Jones had removed a cargo trailer valued at $500/$600 and owed Athelene King 1/2 value.

It was further brought up in the court of Judge Quillen that Ms. Elizabeth King Jones had filed 2006 & 2007 income tax returns without an authentic signature from Athelene King or her conservator Barbara Lochner. She (apparently) forged the signature of Athelene King. Ms. King Jones kept the tax refunds.

September 17, 09, Judge Quillen ordered Ms. King Jones to repay Athelene King's estate half the student loan for daughter Angie, and Clarence King to pay Athelene King's estate for pay half for the timber, digital right of way, and rent. Ms. King Jones was to provide documents that she had paid the caregivers the $14,000. None of this happened.