The Players

Tammy Williams - Married to our 2nd cousin, daughter-in-law to Gary and Joyce Williams. Tammy worked in the Business Development Office in the Lee County Courthouse, prior beautician and  appears to have a friendly relationship with attorneys and judges in the courthouse, both for working at the courthouse and “doing hair”. . Elizabeth King-Jones -because she lived out-of-state- had Tammy Williams to co-guardianship our Father, Clarence King and, for a temporary period of time, for Mother. Five people were willing to testify that Tammy Williams committed perjury on her testimony, a story that will be added later.  She was daddy’s co-guardian when Elizabeth King-Jones emptied out mother and daddy’s savings, leaving mother penniless.

Gary and Joyce Williams - Gary is the brother-in-law to Lee County Sheriff Gary Parsons and prior Chairman of the Lee County Republican Party.  Lee County is almost wholly Republican, making him a very powerful man.

Gary Parsons - Lee County Sheriff. Long working relationship with Judge Tammy McElyea as a prior county attorney, prosecuting attorney and Chief Justice of the 30th District  Circuit .  Also, brother-in-law to Gary Williams, husband of Joyce Williams who sided with Elizabeth.  Wonder if Elizabeth gave Joyce mother’s grandfather clock that she always wanted?

C. Adam Kinser. Elizabeth’s attorney and partner in Montgomery and Kinser Law Firm -prior firm of Cynthia Kinser, Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court and mother of C. Adam Kinser.
Chief Justice Kinser is a past Lee County Prosecuting Attorney-as was Judge Tammy McElyea..

Greg Edwards - Our father’s ad litem. Mr. Edwards, during the period of time he was ad litem, was the client of Montgomery and Kinser for a DUI.  This is relevant because during an  “unexpected” event in court, he said that daddy told him a joke so he must be competent.  Thus C. Adam Kinser (Elizabeth’s attorney) won yet again and our father who had had dementia/Alzheimer’s for at least 6 years and had not been able to function well for several years-was declared competent.  Thus Elizabeth victoriously walked away with everything mother and daddy had left for the 3 of us to share.  More importantly, Elizabeth took daddy out of state and he disappeared from his family and friends until his death was reported in the Dayton Ohio paper a year and a half later.

Larry King:  Son of Clarence and Athelene King.  For a year, he and his wife lived in the basement of his mom and dad’s house at his father’s request because Athelene had started falling and Clarence, being a frail, slight man, could not pick her up or take care of her needs.  Larry and his wife built a house next to his mom and dad and continued taking care of their needs for 4+ years as they rapidly declined.  

Barbara Lochner:  Daughter of Clarence and Athelene King who quit her successful job in California and moved to Pennington Gap in 2007 to take over the care of her parents so that Larry and his wife could move to GA and resume working.

Elizabeth King-Jones:  The youngest daughter of Clarence and Athelene King who blamed Barbara (who left home early to avoid a physically abusive father) and Larry (who joined the Navy at 17) for abandoning her.  As she angrily said, “The two of you left me with that crazy man!”